Halls of Fame Trip

On the road again after a 10 month hiatus and Ohio is the state I can mark off my travel map!! Yesterday was the travel time to get to Ohio by going through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

After 6 hours of driving and a time change, we get to our exit at 1 am and it is closed. In fact, the next three exits are closed. So since we are not from Ohio, we have to let the GPS direct us to our hotel. It eventually takes us down this ‘dank’ road where the police are there with a 2 car accident. It is a road that you would see on an episode of CSI or Criminals Minds!!! Okay, I might watch too much Netflix if that is the first thing that comes to mind!!! Funny thing is that this morning when we left the hotel, the highway was opened back up!!! Go figure!!!

On our way to the Football 🏈 Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. I will be going straight for the Joe Montana exhibit!!!! Ooh, was there a lot of Joe Montana memorabilia but I get a little head of myself!

The Pro Football 🏈 Hall of Fame has an extensive collection of baseball cards and the intense rules that go along with it. In the NFL’s First Century, there is extensive history from the start through 2018 complete with videos and memorabilia along the way. My favorite part of the awards that the inductees receive was the bronze busts. It provides a lasting memory and I have to say more than the jacket 🧥 and the rings (very gaudy)!!!

The next day we went Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The place is massive with 6 floors of memorabilia and videos. The main level has an amazing history which includes the early influences, beat goes on, protests, radio 📻 personalities that delivered the music, story of hip-hop, and pinball wizards.

One of the other levels was the Hall of Fame signatures honoring the inductees. There was a section that detailed the 2019 inductees and where visitors could vote 🗳 for the next year’s nominations. I personally voted for Styx!!

There were galleries that had short movies 🎥 on Elvis, Woodstock, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Power of Rock, and Rock on TV 📺. Rock on TV showed ways this medium brought artists into our living room and how those performances changed TV. Who remembers these guys?

All in all, it was a great trip seeing both hall of fames and one single thought 💭 resonates with me. There were so many struggles with the athletes and musicians, however, they pursued their dreams and changed history in the process!!! Check them out if you get the chance.

Happy travels!!

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