Where to BeginTravel Planning For Your Next Trip ???

So you have decided where to go on your next trip, now what? Where do you begin to start the travel planning? These apps were helpful in my planning so let’s check them out!!


For the trip that I am planning I choose to use Expedia which you can use for flights, hotels, cars, cruises, packages, and things to do. For the different parts of travel, they search the best prices so you do not have to look at the individual apps. They are organized by trips and have three levels where you earn points for discounts.

• Blue Level-earn 1 point per $5 on airline tickets and 2 points per $1 on other booked travel.

• Silver Level-earn 10% more points after you have 7 qualifying nights or spending $5,000. There are exclusive amenities such as free drinks, spa treatments, and room upgrades.

•Gold Level-earn 30% more points after you have 15 qualifying nights in a year.


I have used this app since 2016 and it is user friendly. You collect 1 stamp for every night you stay at a hotel through the app. Collect 10 stamps to get a reward night. The amount of the reward is an average of the 10 hospital stays. When you make the reservations, you have the option of paying online or at the hotel. To collect the rewards, you will have to click to pay online. They also have 3 levels.

•Purple Level-receive secret prices for stays 1-9.

•Silver Level-receive free breakfast, wi-fi, spa vouchers, more discounts on VIP Access properties, and price guarantees for stays 10-29.

•Gold Level-receive room upgrades at VIP Access properties, guaranteed 2 hour late check out/early check in when available for stays 30+.

Trip It

This app managed an itinerary for your trips via emails when you reserve your plane tickets, hotels, cars, and activities. The itinerary is in list or map view. Trip It tracks days, trips, countries and regions visited. This app keeps everything in one place instead of trying to keep up with the individual emails.

Trail Wallet

This app tracks all your expenses by trips and by category. They show you your expenses either by a pie chart with categories or individual lists with categories and type of payment. It keeps all of your expenses in one place for easier organization.


This app is great to use when you trip is all by car. They show you nearby places along your trip and displays your stops and driving on a map. The nearby places show great activities and places to eat!! It also has some guides already set up to help you in planning of your trip. The road trips are classic, national parks, RV family road trips, and things to do.

Flight Aware and Local Eats

These two apps I will be trying out on the next trip and they are all ready to go!! Flight Aware give updates on flights so you are up to date on arrivals, departures, and delays. Local Eats provides information on restaurants in the area that you are traveling in.

There are so many apps to help with organizing your trips and these are just a few of the ones that can be used. Any other apps that you use, please include the app in the comments!!

Happy Travels!! 🧳📱🛌

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