Sunset Cruise…A Must!

What do you do on a hot, muggy evening in Panama City Beach besides go to the beach? A sunset cruise of course! Last night we booked a Catamaran Sunset Cruise through Paradise Adventures and it was well worth enduring the muggy weather before boarding.

We met at the marina and boarded for the 2 hour sunset cruise. We were welcomed by the crew and the sailboat ⛵️ held about 40 passengers. We each got a free drink ticket and the ability for more through the cash bar. We cruised through the Grand Lagoon into St. Andrews Bay all the while listening to tropical music.

As we were cruising, we saw a beautiful sunset over the water which was breathtaking! Along the way, some bottlenose dolphins 🐬 joined us. If you think that kids love dolphins, you should witness a bunch of adults seeing dolphins getting close to the boat screaming like little kids and then jumping up to snap pictures. I, myself, was one of those screaming childlike adults. Dolphins are very friendly but very elusive to the camera.

So if you are ever in Panama City Beach, Florida, check out Paradise Adventures for Sunset Cruises and other types of cruises at 850–769-FUNN.

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