Waves…You Can Always Count on Them!!

Waves 🌊 just keep on rolling into the shore. While on vacation at the beach, I have been mesmerized by the waves. As you watch the waves, they form farther out toward the horizon and roll into the shore. Some of the waves subside as they come in and some barrel in to knock the swimmers over.

I know this because I was one of the swimmers 🏊 that stood in the ocean and dared the ocean to knock me over. I know that sounds crazy 😜 but it was my little game to try to stay cool in the Florida August heat. Most of the waves I had to jump over as they reached me. There were a couple of times that the ocean knocked me over and taught me to close my mouth so I wouldn’t taste the salt water 💦!!!

So while I was staring at the waves, I had this epiphany that waves just keep on coming. We can always count on them to do their job. Even after they crash into the shore, more are forming farther out in the horizon. Waves have such a calming effect on those that are lucky enough to see them.

People come to the beach to have fun and always watch the waves. Why? They have a calming effect on us despite the hatred that is experienced in the world outside of the beach. So maybe, all of us in the world should somehow see the waves whether they get to travel to the beach or have waves in a bottle that they sit on their desk. All of us need that peace. Maybe if more of us have peace in the world, the peace will overtake the hatred.

Here hoping that we all experience that peace and waves 🌊 continue to come!!

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