Who is This Travel Blogger ??

So who am I? Usually you do not see who is behind blogger’s website as they blog about their niche. I thought I would introduce who is behind Gallivanting Guides. Here is a little about me and what Gallivanting Guides is all about.

I got my love of travel from my father who worked for the airlines. We would go on family vacations usually flying somewhere as the family would only have to pay the taxes on the plane tickets. Although we took many trips, my earliest recollection was a trip to Colorado Springs as teenagers. I think that the trip was memorable as me and my sister met another family that had two teenage boys and we swam in the hotel pool for a good portion of the vacation. We saw other sites such as Pike’s Peak however the pool is what I remember most.

The other most memorable trip was a family trip to Hawaii. I remember the beach, touring a sugar cane plant and a simmering volcano. I remember black sand but I think most of all I remember my father not wearing a t-shirt while he was walking on the beach and getting burnt to a crisp!!! The things that you remember!!!

When I was 17, I went again to Hawaii but this time with a high school friend. Her cousin and his wife lived in Oahu and he was in the Air Force. I think this trip really started to cement my love for travel. I even took a job after college that I would travel for work to many different states. However, the trip I took with my daughter and her middle school teacher to Italy 🇮🇹 and Greece 🇬🇷 was the moment that I realized that travel has changed my life.

Traveling abroad really does open your eyes to new areas, new customs, new food, and amazing adventures. Traveling abroad is set apart from traveling in the continental states, however I love to do both!!! I have since been to Spain 🇪🇸 and France 🇫🇷 and am working on visiting every state in the U.S. and then traveling abroad again. About 7 years ago, I combined my love of travel with my love of writing and starting blogging.

Probably my favorite two things as it allows me to travel!! Gallivanting Guides is about traveling, seeing the beauty of the world, and taking readers along through the blogs. This blog is about all things travel 🧳!! Please jot down in the comments any ideas for blogs that you would like to see. Happy travels!!

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

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