Niagara Falls-What a Ride!

What an amazing trip to Niagara Falls!! When we planned the trip, Canada 🇨🇦 had her borders closed so our visit is from the American side. We flew into Buffalo the night before and stayed at the Wyndham by Wingate in downtown Niagara Falls. Wonderful hotel with a swimming pool and plenty of restaurants within walking distance. We took a tour of Niagara Falls through … Continue reading Niagara Falls-What a Ride!

Gulf Shores-A Family Vacation Spot??

A couple of weekends ago, my daughter and I took a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama to check out the destination for an extended family vacation spot. We went on the advice of my good friend Shirley. I was looking for a place that mixed beachtime with family activities. Thanks Shirley!! We made our way through Mississippi and into Alabama. While Mississippi has beautiful trees, … Continue reading Gulf Shores-A Family Vacation Spot??

Traveling-What’s the Attraction?

“Written by me from my husband’s point of view”-humor I could see it in her eyes. That look only meant that she was thinking of a far away place to visit. She was either looking at world maps looking at an international destination or planning a domestic trip on Roadtrippers. Next, she would be looking at lodging on She loved to travel. She loves … Continue reading Traveling-What’s the Attraction?

Pensacola..A Different Feel

Today, we took a break from the beautiful beach in Panama City and ventured west to the town of Pensacola, Florida. Knowing that the town would have a different feel since they have a military base, we were pleasantly surprised with the two stops that we made. First, we drove along an intercoastal highway through various towns and beaches between Panama City and Pensacola. We … Continue reading Pensacola..A Different Feel

A Travel Blogger’s Wish List

We made it into September so what better time to make a wish list for your favorite travel blogger or maybe yourself. All of these products are found on Amazon and travel bloggers would love any of them. I have not tried any of the products, however, I plan to try them all!! Let’s see what is on the wish list! Sunglasses-$18 As travel bloggers, … Continue reading A Travel Blogger’s Wish List