A Travel Blogger’s Wish List

We made it into September so what better time to make a wish list for your favorite travel blogger or maybe yourself. All of these products are found on Amazon and travel bloggers would love any of them. I have not tried any of the products, however, I plan to try them all!! Let’s see what is on the wish list!


As travel bloggers, there are a lot of photos that show the sights of where we travel. However, there are photos and videos that feature us at the location. Any blogger would look stunning in these sunglasses and in the social media content. They come as a two-pack and are women’s glasses and you can search for men-glasses as well.

Collapsible Water Bottle-$27

There are many water bottles and collapsible water bottles that you can choose from. For traveling by air, I opted for a collapsible water bottle to save space in the suitcase, purse, or backpack. It is essential to stay hydrated when traveling and this one holds 22 ounces. I choose this one as it has a strap to securely hold the bottle when it is collapsed and the cap looks sturdy enough to last the trip and beyond. You could use a larger water bottle, however, for me a larger water bottle gets too heavy.

Ring Light Clip-On$40

This Ring Light Clip On is just what bloggers need when they are making videos and taking pictures for their content. It clips on your phone, tablet or laptop to give the perfect lighting. The clip on has three different levels for brightness and also no light. There are three different tones (cool, natural, and warm) for the people that are in the photos or videos.

Portable Charger-$33

Another valuable gift for any blogger is a portable charger so that they can make sure that their devices are charged and ready to go regardless of the location. With this charger you can charge two phones at the same time. The built in charging cord can be used as a carrying strap.

Cellphone Lanyard-$10

We all juggle holding several things when we are traveling. Whether you are a travel blogger or a traveler, this lanyard can free up your arms for other items you are carrying or to be freehanded. For that moment when you take a picture or a video, just lift the lanyard and start clicking away. It has a card pocket to carry money, driver’s license, debit or charge card and you can leave the purse and wallet in the car or back at the hotel.

Travel Journal-$16

What every travel blogger needs is a journal. Journals are necessary for bloggers to jot down ideas for blogs and to plan out your social media content. There are many apps that would aid you in managing your ideas and organizing your social media, however, sometimes a physical journal is an easy way to track ideas and social media content. Much like reading a physical book instead of a digital book!! It just depends on your preference!!

Just a few ideas about what travel bloggers would love for Christmas. I will be ordering them and trying them out. More to come on the items!!

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