Pensacola..A Different Feel

Today, we took a break from the beautiful beach in Panama City and ventured west to the town of Pensacola, Florida. Knowing that the town would have a different feel since they have a military base, we were pleasantly surprised with the two stops that we made.

First, we drove along an intercoastal highway through various towns and beaches between Panama City and Pensacola. We arrived in Pensacola and the first stop on the agenda was the Pensacola Lighthouse. However, to get there we had to enter through a civilian entrance of a military base. That was interesting presenting your ID’s and being asked whether I had any weapons in the car. Understandable but different. Luckily my daughter maneuvered us through the process!

We arrived at the lighthouse which is an active aid to navigation. The lighthouse was first lit on January 1, 1859. The height of the lighthouse is 191 feet above sea level. The visual range that the lighthouse can be seen from is 27 miles. We climbed up the interior of the lighthouse which was 174 steps and it was hot! However, the view from the top was breathtaking! Check out the next picture. Well worth the trip.

Our second stop after lunch was Beyond the Grape 🍇! It is a wine 🍷 tasting experience with Florida’s best wines and wine smoothies. The ambiance was enjoyable and welcoming by the employees and customers alike. In addition to the wine 🍷 tasting, they offer classes in painting where you can choose from a variety of paintings to paint 🎨 by yourself with an instructor of course! We signed up for a class and we painted an anchor ⚓️!! A thoroughly enjoyable experience. If you are ever in Pensacola, definitely check them out!!!

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  1. I love visiting different lighthouses around the country! Pensacola seems like such a beautiful place.

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