Gulf Shores-A Family Vacation Spot??

A couple of weekends ago, my daughter and I took a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama to check out the destination for an extended family vacation spot. We went on the advice of my good friend Shirley. I was looking for a place that mixed beachtime with family activities. Thanks Shirley!!

We made our way through Mississippi and into Alabama. While Mississippi has beautiful trees, we yearned for some change of scenery as we went down the highway. I am sure that there was many sites that we missed on our way to Gulf Shores.

Gulf Shores definitely didn’t disappoint. The beach was gorgeous with beautiful sand and rolling waves. Although there were people at the beach, it wasn’t overcrowded. The weather was beautiful in the 80’s which was great because home had a nasty heatwave of 110+ with the humidity.

We stayed about 3 miles from the beach which allowed us to check out the kid activities. There was a pirate place and an outdoor water park and of course, miniature golf ⛳️. We also checked out The Hangout and Lulu’s. These two places were really cool 😎 as they combined a restaurant, shops, activities, and a band. They really can draw in the people. I just imagined what it would be like during spring break!!!

The “strip” didn’t disappoint in the area of shopping. There are plenty of souvenir shops to satisfy anyone’s tastes. With all the shopping and beachtime, there are many restaurants to refuel at. Of course, plenty of seafood that was delicious 😋!

So Gulf Shores is definitely a contender. The beach was great, plenty of kid activities, great restaurants and shops, and great weather! Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

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