Niagara Falls-What a Amazing Ride!

Niagara Falls-Maid of the Mist

What an amazing trip to Niagara Falls!! When we planned the trip, Canada 🇨🇦 had her borders closed so our visit is from the American side. Maybe another trip will be from the Canada side. We flew into Buffalo the night before and stayed at the Wyndham by Wingate in downtown Niagara Falls. It was a wonderful hotel with a swimming pool and plenty of restaurants within walking distance.

We took a tour of Niagara Falls through Over the Falls Tours and our tour guide was named Nick. He made the day fun with lots of humor and history. The tour encompassed Maid of the Mist, Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara Falls State Park for the American and Horseshoe Falls, and Goat Island for Cave of the Winds. It was a 5-hour tour and well worth the price of $120. Check out the following link was various different tours at Niagara Falls.

Maid of the MistJust a little water!

When they say ‘mist’, they are not kidding!! We all got on a boat which by the way cost $50 million dollars!! They gave us a ponchos to wear, which saves some of the water from drenching you, however, the winds are so strong that it blows the poncho off your arms and the hood off of your head. As you can certainly see from the picture at the Falls.

Me and the hubby went on the top deck right at the railing ( no fear there!). Of course, everyone wants to be at the front so there is always some elbowing in. The hubby got pushed out but I held onto the railing to maintain my position. I believe that my knuckles were right! The boat headed past the American Falls toward the Horseshoe Falls and then turns back. I got some great pictures and videos before the wind and the mist overtook me!!

Well worth the boat ride!! After all, it is only water 💦 and it was low 70’s so it wasn’t freezing cold!!!

Whirlpool Rapids-Almost to Canada

After the Maid of the Mist portion of the tour, we headed past the power plants to Whirlpool State Park on the Lower Niagara River. We saw the Whirlpool Rapids that flow into the Niagara Whirlpool. On the other side of the bank is Canada and it is hard to believe you are that close to the border. They have a trolley car that glides across the river on wires from the Canadian side and back which is cool to watch!!

Goat 🐐 Island-Majestic Waterfalls

We headed back to the Falls from Whirlpool State Park. We stopped at Goat Island and we were able to see the American and Horseshoe Falls from land and visited the Cave of the Winds. By the way, there are no goats anymore on Goat Island! It was amazing to see the Falls from land as your view is different than being on a boat. You can appreciate the majestic waterfalls without getting wet.

At the Cave of the Winds, you are able to see the Falls by standing close by on a man-made walkway. You are given a poncho and sandals because you do get wet!! You walk through a tunnel and then up the walkway farther down from the Falls and then it wraps around to directly by the waterfall. This is called Hurricane Alley and you have gallons poured on you much like the old Tidal Wave ride at the Six Flags amusement parks.

The walkway is torn down at the end of the season and rebuilt at the beginning of the season. This is due to the amount of ice that Niagara Falls gets in the wintertime that would damage the wood. If this wasn’t completed, the walkway would not be safe for visitors.

Niagara Falls displays such beauty and if you get the chance to go and experience the 8th wonder of the world, you will not be disappointed !!!

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  1. Niagara Falls is beautiful. It’s one of the most scenic places to visit on this earth. So glad to read about your amazing trip.

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