Spooky, Scary πŸ‘» Stop in Salem, Massachusetts

History of Witches and Wax MuseumTours

After visiting Gloucester, Massachusetts, we headed to Salem, Massachusetts to hear about some witches. Perfect time as we head towards Halloween πŸŽƒ!! In the morning, we took two tours, History of Witch’s in Salem and Wax Museum, that were audio tours. They usually have a live person conducting the tours, however, due to COVID that was impossible. They were good tours but with a live person it would have been better. Tickets are purchased at the shop.

After the tours, we walked through the graveyard and memorial area that honored people that were hung or pressed to death (in one case) in 1692 as the town leaders believed them to be witches. The memorial garden was a nice touch by the town.

There was some other daytime events such as haunted houses that you could go to. We opted to do some shopping in the tourist and Halloween based shops. They have many to choose from including a shop that Harry Potter fans, such as myself. would appreciate. It is a wand shop by the name of Wynotts and the resemblance to the Harry Potter wand shop takes your breath away!

Ghoulish Food and Wicked Drinks

They have plenty of restaurants to get dinner and drinks and take a load off your feet. We ate at The Derby Restaurant and Pub. We ate outside for drinks and dinner enjoying the beautiful weather on their spacious patio. The food, drinks, and hospitality was wonderful!!

Eerie Salem Walking Night Tour

The last tour was a nightly tour of the town which was a walking tour. It was called the Salem Night Tour and our tour guide did a great job telling us stories about the town and hauntings real or imagined in the town.

When you take tours, if you feel like it was a good tour, you have the opportunity to leave a tip (not required). Our tour guide has a convenient way to leave a tip without using up all the cash that you brought on the trip. He has business cards printed up and on the back has QVC codes that you can leave a tip through cash.app and VenMo. Very convenient!!

A very cute town to check out while you are in Massachusetts. They were getting ready for a Halloween festival for the entire month of October so that would be a great time to check it out!!

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