A Not So Civil War…

On our last stop of the Northeast trip, we visited the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia. It was rainy and overcast and gave an atmosphere of somber as we headed into the museum with the corresponding decor of destruction.

We started the museum with a replica of a cannon. One of the most fascinating displays was the casualties of the Civil War and how that compares to the Vietnam War and the World Wars. The chart is broken down into Union and Confederate troops and further divided by deaths, wounded, and POWs. The interesting fact is that when the Civil War is compared to other wars, it has the least amount of engagement but the greatest number of casualties.

“A fascinating visual of the faces of the Civil War.”

Faces of the Civil War

On the second floor of the museum is a history of money. As you walk into the exhibit, you are mesmerized by the different paper money that is hanging from the ceiling and is so different from the paper money that we are used to today.

As we move from paper money to electronic money, the display shows that transition from early credit cards and debit cards to money apps on phones and Bitcoin. There are pictures of Wall Street from the early day to current.

Everyone has heard of the White House in Washington D.C.. How about the Confederate White House? After we finished the museum tour, you can also tour the Confederate White House. We are unable to get tickets although we did drive by for some pictures and discovered that it is located in the middle of a hospital medical plaza.

All in all, a great stop in Richmond Virginia and a great trip of the Northeast part of the United States. If you are not from the northeast and get a chance to visit, you will not be disappointed!!

“2022: Planning a trip to the Northwest part of the United States so stay tuned for that!!“

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  1. Very cool! Growing up we went to almost every major US history spot – but Richmond is one of the few we missed. Thanks for sharing.

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