What? A new blog..

We live in a world where we are saturated with blogs whether you read or write blogs. There are 570 million (yes million) blogs and 31.7 million bloggers. Talk about saturated!!


We always opt to read blogs that are near to our own interests. As our interests change or we move into another stage in life, there is a blog for that. You can pick the medium you want to read the blogs on. They can be read on websites or social media or they can be heard on podcasts.

When I started blogging, I only blogged on vacation as a travel blogger which turned into a lifestyle blogger. I finally split them out into a travel blog and a lifestyle blog. What if I wrote another type of blog? What would it be??

Hmm …

Wix Blog
Wix Blog

If I had unlimited time, I would start a wellness/health blog. The last two years, we have been dealing with the outbreak of COVID and the resulting two variants of COVID. As a result, there are many conditions that people have developed that can be discussed in a wellness/health blog for the benefit of those affected and their families.

Interesting fact from Wix Blog is that “less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity”. Let that soak in for a moment. That is a contributing factor to many of the conditions that adults experience in the medical industry. Another reason to start a wellness/health blog!!

So maybe after retirement I will start a third blog and I will have time to blog for all three sites and keep up the social media for all three!! Try out a blog that matches with your interests or try reading one that is outside your interests. Happy Blogging!!!

18 thoughts on “What? A new blog..

  1. I have been reading blogs of all sorts now that I started my own. I am trying to figure out how to broaden mine some. But I couldn’t see starting another one and keep up with the social media! Keeping up with one is more than enough!

  2. Blogging is a cool way for people’s voices to be heard. The more blogs there are, the more content there is for me to read.I just love reading.

  3. Blogging is so addicting, I am loving it. I always wonder how people have time to juggle more than one blog though! I agree with the comment above, it is so much more interesting and rewarding reading a blog vs social media! Good luck with all your blogs!

  4. I love blogging. I started as a hobby, and now I am looking to turn it into a business. There are never enough bloggers, and each blog is unique because a unique individual does it with a different, refreshing perspective.

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