Travel Transportation: The best way to travel?

One of the best options to travelers is the various modes of transportation. Airplane, car, bus, train, subway, ship, ferry, motorcycle, bike, or buggy-which will it be? Depends on where you are going, your budget, and your preference.

1. Airplane ✈️

My absolute favorite way to travel is by airplane. I grew up traveling and honestly the quickest way to travel barring any flight delays. Traveling by flight allows you to go to places in the continental United States or to travel abroad. I love the thrill of boarding the plane and watching the takeoff that starts your adventure.

Of course flying does present some challenges. Long lines either at the ticket counter, going through security, waiting at the gates, and who can forget the food lines. Whether you can master the long lines really depend on the people you encounter. Most of the people I have encountered have been friendly, however, there is always that one person that can be trying to say the least!!

2. Car 🚗

There is a lot to be said for traveling by car and seeing the open road on your way to your destination. You can have the windows or roof (if you are lucky enough to have a convertible) down with the wind in your hair soaking up the sun. Trips in cars offer the unique perspective to make unplanned detours to some of the gems you find along the road.

Of course traveling by car can be complicated by the changes in weather, construction, and whether you are traveling with kids that want to know if we are there yet!! It definitely will give you a chance to fine tune those travel cars games. ( Ooh, that could be another blog all by itself).

3. Train 🚊 and Bus 🚌

These go together for me. When I was visiting my daughter in France, these were part of the travel after the initial flight. She was going to college in Renne, France and the train took me across the country of France seeing the beautiful landscape. From there, I hopped on a bus that took me to her apartment building.

While visiting her, we saw the Eiffel Tower and then decided to take a train to Barcelona, Spain. We spent the week there soaking up all what Barcelona has to offer. As an American traveling abroad, the rail system was a popular way to get around much like it used to be in America.

4. Subway 🚇

One time when I was traveling to work in Washington DC with some other co-workers, we noticed that everyone used modes of transportation other than a car. Many of the residents rode bikes however a majority of them rode the subway.

Now I know what you must be thinking about riding the subway. Crime and filthy, right? The subway in Washington, DC was organized, easy to use, and clean. We traveled during the day in a group and didn’t notice any crime.

While in France, we also rode the subway and it was a tab creepier with other passengers gawking at us. Of course, that was probably because us Americans were certainly dressed differently from the French.

5. Ferry ⛴

While taking a ferry won’t get you going long distances, taking a ferry for short distances is an eye opener. While choosing to visit the Status of Liberty and Ellis Island, we took a ferry from the parking area to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Once on the ferry, you have an amazing view of the New York Harbor skyline. To get the full effect of a ferry ride, sit out in the open part of the ferry as the wind whips through your hair and clothes. You can definitely try to imagine what it was like for the immigrants as they were coming to America seeing the vast statue and the building they would be processed at becoming citizens.

6. Ship 🛳

This is one that is on my bucket list. My husband and I were planning a cruise for our 40th wedding anniversary, however, COVID hit and derailed that idea because we didn’t want to be stuck on a cruise ship. As we hopefully move out of COVID, maybe an Alaskan cruise is next on the agenda. I am sure I would be in awe of the scenery and the ports of call.

When my daughter and I went on a trip to Rome, Italy, we took a ship overnight to arrive in Greece. However, we traded in missing all the daytime activities for some beautiful sites such as the Parthenon in Greece. Some trade offs are worth it!!

7. Motorcycle, Bike, Buggy 🏍 🚴‍♂️🐴

What about these?? I see some beautiful motorcycle rides throughout the country on Instagram and they look amazing!! I will have to admit that I am a little too afraid to try this one. I have rode a bike as a kid but I confess that I would have to be in better shape to ride a bike as a mode of transportation. Now riding a buggy would be fascinating and although I think of the Amish country. The buggy ride would definitely take me back to another time!

There are so many ways we can travel and the above ones are some of the most common ones. For some fun alternatives, see below 👇 for ones that I am putting on my bucket list. It doesn’t really matter what one you choose as long as it gets you to your travel destination.

  • Cable Car (San Francisco, CA)
  • Dog Sled (Alaska)
  • Hot Air Balloon (Albuquerque, NM)
  • Gondola (Venice, Italy)
  • Funicular (Tram up the side of a mountain in Montserrat, Spain)

Drop a comment on your favorite and most unusual mode of transportation!!

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  1. I am with you and am to afraid of motorcycle travel! So I don’t see that happening. From your bucket list, cruise on a gondola is something I would love to do.

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