Retirement-My Choice??

‘This is the fourth blog in the Caregiver Series which discusses reinventing yourself. ‘ From the time we are growing up, we hear the word ‘retirement’. It first is referenced to our grandparents but we think it is what older people do after all, it doesn’t really affect us. All we care about is getting out of school or college and starting our lives. We … Continue reading Retirement-My Choice??

Acceptance-A Long Process

“This is the third blog post in the Caregiver Series that discusses the acceptance of oxygen.” After the breathing test last December, my husband’s numbers dropped some and it was becoming more difficult to work, so the doctor prescribed supplemental oxygen. It had been a short 2 months since the diagnosis. The Durable Medical Company brought a concentrator, compressor, two tanks, and multiple tubing. The … Continue reading Acceptance-A Long Process

Every Breath You Take..

“This is the second blog post in the Caregiver series which discusses breathing. “ As every new parent in the delivery room knows, we hold our breath waiting to hear our newborn infant cry out with breaths from their lungs or checking on them while they are sleeping to make sure that they are still breathing. Some time after that infant stage, we relax and … Continue reading Every Breath You Take..

Ever-Evolving Blogging Niche

So when I started blogging almost 7 years ago, I blogged on Blogger during vacation trips. Slowly that evolved more into lifestyle blogging on Medium. Last year, I split the travel blogging from the lifestyle blogging and Gallivanting Guides was born! Since last July I concentrated on the travel blog with the corresponding social media. The blog was relating to all things travel as that … Continue reading Ever-Evolving Blogging Niche