Ever-Evolving Blogging Niche

So when I started blogging almost 7 years ago, I blogged on Blogger during vacation trips. Slowly that evolved more into lifestyle blogging on Medium. Last year, I split the travel blogging from the lifestyle blogging and Gallivanting Guides was born!

Since last July I concentrated on the travel blog with the corresponding social media. The blog was relating to all things travel as that is really my passion. Sometimes we travel through storms while our bags are unpacked. One such storm came last October and now six months into the storm, I have decided to blog about the storm primarily on my Medium account.

A couple of days ago, I revisited Medium after a 10 month hiatus to discover that last month Medium made a change of their own. They made the decision to limit the ability to write blogs on mobile apps and allow blogging only via the website. Since I am one of the bloggers that write blogs on my phone, this change was a little too inconvenient for me.

An idea is born.

So …. I was thinking about travel. We travel to other locations to see new sights, new scenery, new food, and new culture. However, traveling also refers to life’s adventures and how we navigate through them. So, I made the decision to blog also about some of those life adventures.

Which brings me back to the storm. I will be blogging in a series format about the storm probably entitled ‘My Life as a Caregiver’. I normally do not blog about things so personal however I believe that the series will help so many of us that are caregivers and the road we travel. The blog will still remain primarily a blog with my bags packed with some life adventures with my bags unpacked.

I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and find the caregiver series helpful. Please drop a comment if there is a part of being a caregiver that you would like me to blog about or an aspect of travel that you would like to hear about.

‘Happy travels no matter where you go.’

So true.

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  1. Thanks for sharing part of your journey. Perhaps your post will help others to see blogging is not necessarily a straight path, but one with several side trips and adventures.

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