Chasing Waterfalls-Unusual Sightings

October is my favorite month of the year so it is a great time to chase waterfalls and see some beautiful fall foliage. We headed to North Carolina to check out what they have to offer. Unusual sightings follows!!

We made our way from Missouri through Illinois and made our first stop in Paducah, Kentucky. We stopped at a local gas station to fuel up. I can honestly say through all my travels that I have never seen the services offered at this gas station!!

Paducah, Kentucky

After grabbing some lunch, my husband noticed the check engine light was on in the car. Stopped at the local parts store for them to check the codes on the car to see if it was something simple or serious 🧐!! Turns out the engine codes related to the heating element and it was safe to continue on our journey !! πŸ˜₯ I will miss that heater later on when the temperature drops!! πŸ₯Ά

The next morning we headed to western North Carolina and our first stop was at Waynesviile to check out some fall foliage. While the photos turned out beautiful, the photos in no way capture the true beauty of the area!! 🍁🍁

We headed to Maggie Valley in the Soco Gap to see Soco Falls. This waterfall is a combination of two rivers that pour over a ledge in a double waterfall. The unusual part is that it is at the side of the road and to get a good view, you have to climb down!!

The trail down is steep and slippery, but someone have strung ropes that you will use on your way down and back up. The ropes work to steady you, however, the first yank on them does not breed confidence in their strength. The trails are worth attempting to see the breathtaking view!!

Long Stream
High Waterfall
Low Waterfall

Early on Sunday morning, we visited Key Falls which is near Brevard, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This waterfall is unusual as it is a private waterfall on the property of the Key Falls Inn. The owner has graciously allowed visitors to visit the waterfall.

It is a little unnerving when we visited the Inn on that Sunday morning as there was no travelers staying at the Inn. We walked behind the Inn and found a trail that leads to the waterfall. The owner stays in a cabin along the trail and met us on the way to the waterfall. The owner is very nice and showed us pictures of the waterfall in a good rainy season. Unfortunately, they were experiencing a drought so the waterfall had a small trickle of water.

A great trip of waterfalls and fall foliage!! North Carolina has numerous waterfalls in Brevard and too many to see in one trip. Stay tuned in for the next blog as we visit DuPont National Forest!!

β€œNext Stop πŸ›‘: High Falls and Triple Falls in DuPont National Forest πŸŒ³β€

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  1. Absolutely beautiful trip. Love all of your beautiful pictures and scenery. Sounds like a perfect fall adventure.

  2. I love waterfalls πŸ–€ This one looks amazing! And your pictures are breathtaking! May I ask you which camera you use.

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