New Name, New Focus

This year marks the 8th year I have been blogging and the blog has definitely evolved along the way. When you first start a blog, everyone says to define your niche for your readers. Defining that niche is a process, a pathway of sorts to get to a certain point in time.

Why a Name Change?

Some would say that it is crazy to change the name after working on it for years. Sometimes you have to do crazy things!!

The blog has evolved from a hobby while traveling with blogging only a couple times of years to trying to blog consistently as a travel blogger while maintaining the corresponding social media accounts. The blog has always been heading from a hobby to becoming a business one day.

It is funny when that day comes. Just out of the blue an opportunity arose with a company to use my blog to help market their products. The company is Viator and I actually use this app when I travel to get tickets for various types of entertainment while on my trips. I am definitely a fan of the app!

Once that opportunity arose, I knew that I needed to change the mindset from a hobby to a business. I have spent the last month starting the process of establishing a business. The first step was to change the name. As I moved to the business, I wanted a name that truly reflected the focus of the blog.

Deciding on a new name was actually harder than I expected until it wasn’t. I wanted a name that embodied travel as that is my passion, however, there are other pathways that led me to this point and will continue into the future. I spent several weekends trying to come up with the name that was just right!!

A huge shout-out to my husband for listening to all the different names!! Each name I would come up with that wasn’t already taken was met with “No, I don’t think so.” So, I stopped looking at lists and really thought on the direction I was going and the name was born: Undiscovered Pathways.

Why this name?

Undiscovered Pathways represents all the places that I haven’t been to. They are ‘undiscovered’ to me and are opportunities for taking readers along when I travel. However, Undiscovered Pathways also represents all the pathways besides travel that we cross as we navigate life. Those pathways are also undiscovered and I will take readers along for the journey.

The way that the blog is set up, there are categories across the top that shows the different pathways. Some of the pathways are travel, health and wellness, and some pathways are undiscovered will be discovered in the future.

After the new name was established, the process moved to setting up the business and all that that entails. Now onto the blogging!!

To My Blogger Friends

To my blogger friends, keep plugging away on your blog as it is a work of art and constantly changing. Some of the best advice I have heard is on podcasts. I listen to numerous podcasts and below are some that were helpful for me.

  • The Ultimate Blog Podcast
  • The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast
  • Cheerful Productive Chats Podcast
  • Travel Pulse Podcast
  • Thrive: The Podcast for Bloggers and Content Creators

Thank you to all that have been along for the journey and to those that will join the journey in the future. The journey will continue to ‘Undiscovered Pathways’ !!!

9 thoughts on “New Name, New Focus

    1. Thank you!! I have moved mediums from Blogspot to Weebly to Medium to finally WordPress. I would say the transference from static pictures to videos and reels. Also, to change your mindset from a hobby to a business.

  1. I love your name!
    It’s great when we (our blogs, websites) evolve. 8 years — impressive! Congratulations 🙌
    Keep up ☘️

      1. I know, right!? It’s so challenging to come up with a name!

        I think we need more stories like this one!

  2. Congrats on the new name! It’s such a great feeling to find more direction throughout time, and sometimes you need to make a drastic change to fit the new direction. Best of luck! 🙂

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