Pensacola..A Different Feel

Today, we took a break from the beautiful beach in Panama City and ventured west to the town of Pensacola, Florida. Knowing that the town would have a different feel since they have a military base, we were pleasantly surprised with the two stops that we made. First, we drove along an intercoastal highway through various towns and beaches between Panama City and Pensacola. We … Continue reading Pensacola..A Different Feel

Beachcombers…What are you looking for?!

The beach is beautiful with it’s gorgeous white sand, rolling waves, and horizon that lines the distance. We play at the beach during the day swimming 🏊, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, parasailing, and then of course, riding on a banana boat. We love to watch the sun ☀️ go down and walk on the beach at sunset. What happens, though, when the sun goes down … Continue reading Beachcombers…What are you looking for?!