Chasing Waterfalls-DuPont State Recreational Forest

‘This is the third blog in the Chasing Waterfalls Series.’ The next stop in the Chasing Waterfalls Series was a visit to DuPont State Recreational Forest in Brevard County in North Carolina. The recreational forest is just north of the state line that separates North and South Carolina. There are five waterfalls in DuPont State Recreational Forest to choose from. They are Hooker Falls, Triple … Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls-DuPont State Recreational Forest

Chasing Waterfalls

There is just something about waterfalls that draw your attention. They are mesmerizing as the water flows over rocks much like waves flowing onto the sand at the beach. Last year, we visited Niagara Falls in upstate New York. After seeing Niagara Falls, would other falls be just as magical? Let’s go chase some waterfalls! The Chasing Waterfalls Series is born. Below are the areas … Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls

Are These Travel Products Really Worth It?

Christmas is over and everyone has their gifts 🎁. However, there is always the gift card that needs to be spent before it burns a whole in our pockets, right? Back in September, I posted a blog about travel products I purchased for a trip to the Northeast. This blog reviews whether the products are worth the money for a traveler or travel blogger. All … Continue reading Are These Travel Products Really Worth It?

Who is This Travel Blogger ??

So who am I? Usually you do not see who is behind blogger’s website as they blog about their niche. I thought I would introduce who is behind Gallivanting Guides. Here is a little about me and what Gallivanting Guides is all about. I got my love of travel from my father who worked for the airlines. We would go on family vacations usually flying … Continue reading Who is This Travel Blogger ??

Is Your Bucket Full Travelers?

We all have one either in an app or written down or floating around in our head. Those bucket lists takes us from the mundane everyday tasks to achieving something of value to us. A bucket list is simply a collection of goals, dreams, or aspirations you want to accomplish before the ‘bucket 🪣 is kicked’ or the end of life. There are many different … Continue reading Is Your Bucket Full Travelers?