Ever-Evolving Blogging Niche

So when I started blogging almost 7 years ago, I blogged on Blogger during vacation trips. Slowly that evolved more into lifestyle blogging on Medium. Last year, I split the travel blogging from the lifestyle blogging and Gallivanting Guides was born! Since last July I concentrated on the travel blog with the corresponding social media. The blog was relating to all things travel as that … Continue reading Ever-Evolving Blogging Niche

How do I get there?

One of the best options to travelers is the various modes of transportation. Airplane, car, bus, train, subway, ship, ferry, motorcycle, bike, or buggy-which will it be? Depends on where you are going, your budget, and your preference. 1. Airplane ✈️ My absolute favorite way to travel is by airplane. I grew up traveling and honestly the quickest way to travel barring any flight delays. … Continue reading How do I get there?