Traveling-What’s the Attraction?

“Written by me from my husband’s point of view”-humor I could see it in her eyes. That look only meant that she was thinking of a far away place to visit. She was either looking at world maps looking at an international destination or planning a domestic trip on Roadtrippers. Next, she would be looking at lodging on She loved to travel. She loves … Continue reading Traveling-What’s the Attraction?

A Travel Blogger’s Wish List

We made it into September so what better time to make a wish list for your favorite travel blogger or maybe yourself. All of these products are found on Amazon and travel bloggers would love any of them. I have not tried any of the products, however, I plan to try them all!! Let’s see what is on the wish list! Sunglasses-$18 As travel bloggers, … Continue reading A Travel Blogger’s Wish List